3 - 4 hour Walks

Bergerie de Courcol/Puech Haut**

This is a wonderfully scenic route which involves some steep climbs. Leave by the top, pedestrian gate, turn right and right again at the fork soon after. Follow the road which winds up above the property until you reach a stone building and some ruins: the remains of Mas Caisso. Take the left-hand route which continues to climb until it levels out and runs below the cliff face of Puech Haut, past the massive outcrop of Roc de l'eglise and continues eastward. Not long after the Roc d'eglise take a track on the right which zig-zags up the mountain on a path supported by the old stone terraces. Continue until the path mounts the brow and descends gently over wild strawberry plants to the old bergerie situated on the 700m high spur from the Causse du Larzac known as Plateau de Courcol. Look for the stone faced lavoigne, fed by a channel from the bergerie roof, where rain water was collected and stored for the sheep to drink.

On the opposite side of the track from the bergerie a path leads uphill to the highest point of Puech Haut with a wonderful 360° vista with the Causse du Larzac and the Cevennes mountains to the north and the Mediterranean plain to the south.

Return to the bergerie and turn right on to your original track until you hit a road after 20  or  30m. Turn left on the GR7 and follow the road eastwards over the plateau. In May and early June you will se a mass of asphodels in flower as well as many other varieties described in the flora section.

If you wish, make a diversion on the path towards St Privat where you will get views over the St Privat valley.

From the GR7, turn left at the large green water tank and descend from the plateau on the track marked LOE3. Follow this steep descent until you hit the forest track LOE2, turn left and this will take you home.