2 - 3 hour Walks

Parlatges Village*

Leave by the top (pedestrian) gate and turn right. Take the left track at the fork (follow LOE2 signs) and continue past two roads to the right and a low-lying field on your left. Continue on LOE2 (right) at the fork and follow this contour road with a massive rock outcrop towering above you until you see the village below. Look for a low stone set in to the left side of the road which marks (yellow stripe) a path allowing a short descent to the village. At the bottom, cross the old bridge and explore the narrow streets and alleyways. Look for the chapel at the top end of the village; it hosts a magnificent alter-piece by the renowned local sculptor Paul Dardé, a contemporary of Rodin. You need the church lights, in a box to the right of the door, to see it properly.

On re-crossing the bridge on your return, turn right and look for the path labelled "chemin communal" on your left. This is a 20 metres diversion of the road which, when regained, will lead you back to the fork and then the low field. Take the track to the right just past the field which will bring you round and back to the Domaine gates after crossing the main (LOE2) forest road.