0 - 1 hour Walks


Aubaïgues (sometimes spelled Aubaygues and pronounced "oh-by-eeg") is a pretty hamlet, part of the St Etienne de Gourgas commune, and takes its Occitan name from the white flood waters (alba aigua) which swell the Aubaîgues stream after heavy rain.

Leave by the bottom gate, turn left and follow the track to the village. The large building dominating the village is the remains of a fortified chateau dating from the 11c. Although it is unfortunately not open to the public, the 12c romanesque chapel of St Michel just below its walls is worth a visit. Look for the light switch beyond the central pillar on the left.

Deux roches*

This is a relatively easy circuit through the forest. Leave by the top (pedestrian) gate and turn right. Take the left track at the fork (follow LOE2 signs) and continue past two roads to the right until you come to a track on your left just before a low-lying field. Follow this with the field on your right. The track will bring you round and back to the Domaine gates after crossing the main (LOE2) forest road.

Puech Louvia*

Another easy circuit with some lovely views. Leave by the top (pedestrian) gate and turn right. Take the left track at the fork (LOE2) and then the first right which takes you in the opposite (westerly) direction below the impressive cliffs of Puech Haut. After a right-angled bend the track will lead you down to Carrefour Louvia just above the domaine.